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Current Affairs Features
The Guardian
| Hopes and fears for children as high-speed internet reach the Pacific

ABC | Australia’s History of Blackbird slavery

ABC | Australia just starting to wake up to its slave history 
ABC | Can virtual reality to save endangered Pacific languages? 
Ozy |From the old, new Indigenous languages emerge in Australia.

Ozy | Pacific Islanders look back on tradition to protect their future 

Arts and Culture

The Guardian |The niche book-clubs thriving during the Pandemic

ABC | Adelaide artist takes his message to the streets

ABC | Women in the Australian games industry

Writing & Lifestyle 

The New York Times |How to talk to strangers in Central Park 

The New York Times |When the Grey Lady started wearing color 

Monocle |Melbourne’s vintage milkbars given a new lease on life 
Monocle |Melbourne Quality of Life Survey


The New Daily |  Australia’s minor parties? An explainer 

The New Daily | Polling booths on Antarctic Ice. The extraordinary places Australian’s are voting

The New Daily | Federal Election Diaries 

Ozy | Australian's are not protest voting: why?


Ozy  |
Feeling climate homesick? Meet the man who has a word for just that

World News

UN IPS | Gaza’s children bear the brunt of violence 

UN IPS | Understanding child soldier recruitment needed to help curb crisis 

UN IPS | No time to waste in ending female genital mutilation 

UN IPS | Where do our gold and diamonds come from? 

UN IPS | Iraq's toxic conflict 
UN IPS | Why are Africa's conflicts overlooked? 

SBS | Religion, not race, that main source of negativity on asylum seekers 

SBS | Victoria’s treaty talks welcomed by Congress

SBS | South Sudanese protestors call for no intervention


ABC RMIT | Fact-Check: Australian Defence Force virus response 

ABC RMIT | Fact-Check: Aged care sector claim

ABC RMIT | Fact-Check: Coronavirus Socia Media 

Book Reviews 
Australian Book Review | City on Fire: The fight for Hong Kong

International Journal of Communication | Delineating and Assessing Cultural Relations: The Case of Asialink

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